Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

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If your style is all about attitude, highlight your feminine side with fancy vintage cat-eye-framed sunglasses.

This item should be a must-have in every lady's eye-wear collection just like Coco Chanel little black dress.

The sunglasses appeal with their sexy shape and trendy coloring:

  • matte black (with dark / transparent / slightly pink / slightly blue lens)
  • summer white
  • leopard print
  • transparent amalgam
  • white and black

Frame Rim & Temple material: Plastic

Lens features: Mirror, UV400, Photochromic
Lens height / width: 40 / 48 mm
Lens material: TAC

Plastic frames are excellent for people with a flatter-set nose. The sunglasses are a kind of Asian fit. They are made for minimal bridges and high cheekbones assuring that the sunglasses won't sit too low or slide down your nose or pinch your temples or the back of your ears.

Define your distinctive identity with Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses! Do not hesitate give a new trendy to your daily style by wearing the eyepiece in an assemble with other jewelry.